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Looking for direction? We can help. Our experts provide career coaching that can help you discover your purpose, uncover your new career, and even help with resume writing and interviewing and life success skills. Contact us for more information.

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What are the top job search and career sites? Click here for links to some of the most popular job search sites. Contact us for a more comprehensive list tailored to your profession and interests. We also have contacts with numerous recruiters that may be helpful as well.

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WHAT CAN I DO NOW? Wow, that’s a big question! Just about every pharmaceutical sales representative has asked this question, either to themselves, or to each and every bagger at the grocery store while picking up drinks for another physician lunch. You know what? Contrary to popular belief, there are many, many things you can do. Seriously! Sure, you may have been beaten down by others who say you can’t really sell, or that you’re not capable of that next big position and opportunity. But you are! No, I’m not your mommy only saying what you want to hear. You can do what YOU want!


    Sold and marketed products for a global or national corporation, in one of the country’s largest industries


    Communicated daily with professionals and articulated product attributes/features and benefits


    Managed a budget, developed business plans, coordinated training and outreach programs


    Developed and implemented marketing programs for your assigned territory


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Former Specialty Sales Professional
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Former Sales Representative
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Former Account Manager
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Former Business Manager


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