What Do You Do Now, Pharma Rep??

What Do You Do Now, Pharma Rep??

What Now, Pharma Rep??

Like me, there’s a good chance you too have been laid off from your pharmaceutical job.  Or maybe you’re waiting to find out if you will be “let go”.

It was during one of these times I started thinking:  What can I do? What career is next for me?

That’s when it struck me.  Wow, I can combine my pharmaceutical and medical sales and training background, with my previous career of career counseling and coaching!  I truly enjoyed this – and have been successful in this crazy world of medical sales – why not join the two and offer insight and advice to others like myself? Yes, that is it!

“xpharmarep”…  I am an “xpharmarep”!  I too am one of the thousands displaced, and I can help those like me who need guidance, are seeking answers, and may need coaching to lead into a viable second (or more) career.

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