What Skills Do You Really Have Pharmaceutical Rep?

What Skills Do You Really Have Pharmaceutical Rep?

What Do You Really Do Pharma Rep?

You’ve likely been asked that question:  “What do you really do?”  If you are or have been a pharmaceutical sales representative your Mom and Dad, other family members, friends, neighbors, and even people in the grocery store have asked you this, and they also have their own impressions of what it is you do.

So, what do you really do?  Some, as the picture on this post suggests, joke that you “sell drugs”.  My Dad is one who tells everyone that his son, “sells drugs”, with a laugh and snicker added.  My Mom glamorizes my role, saying that I must be really smart, or I get to talk to doctors all day.  If only she knew, or at least would listen to the truth…

Physician office staff, especially the less educated and mature, used to look up to me, or at least would say that had a great job and made a lot of money.  These are the same ones that would ask if I was married, or had a girlfriend…

I often felt like I got paid to wait to see a physician for a few minutes, if that, many times.  I was a caterer.  I brought lunch in to offices to have the “opportunity” to see the doctor for a short while.  I was truly buying his or her time.  And the staff often expected lunch, or snacks, or something to be brought to them on a regular basis

The truth is pharmaceutical sales is not a glamorous job.  The pay can be good, but not great, at least for what is expected.  Many of the stereotypical suggestions, jokes, and snickers are true.  When I was a rep, I did cater lunches – or had lunch or breakfast brought into an office.  I did carry samples, so I was in essence a delivery boy (“UPS Driver”).

Do you – did you – “whore” yourself?  Probably.  All in the name of drug sales, hitting your number, and making money.  I really hated this aspect of the job.  I was better than this.  Even my Dad told me to stick with it because I was making great money.  I did it for the money, to support my family, to earn a paycheck to pay my bills.  Was pharmaceutical sales my passion?  Absolutely not!  Most reps I spoke with said the same:  they only did it because they had to or for the money.

But – regardless of what you thought about training and meetings and that all wonderful role playing – you really do and hopefully learned some valuable skills.  Skills that you can transfer to another occupation and career.

What are these skills? Think about it, you have the ability to,

Communicate effectively
Teach or train
Market and marketing abilities
Compile data
Understand market trends
Create presentations

And likely many more…

So, how then do you transfer these skills to another field, another viable profession?  That’s a terrific question, one that takes serious reflection and understanding.  Some can figure this out on our own, others, well, we need assistance, maybe coaching and professional guidance.

Are you this person? Do you need guidance to help understand how to apply your pharma sales and marketing skills to another job, a better position, a greater opportunity?

Contact us today for career coaching and guidance.  xpharmarep can help today!

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